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Who is ONIX?

International Team of designers and engineers. Building the future of watersports in Tarifa.

What do we do?

Watersports engineering, design, & rapid prototyping.

Using engineering, digital simulation, 3D printing, & a world-class testing location to deliver cutting edge designs.

Our Focus

The sport of Wingfoiling has begun to move the watersports industry. We’re riding the wave and have focused our design direction towards foils, wings, and performance foil boards.


Meet The Team

Meet the spot


Tarifa’s unique location means that we have access to the infrastructure of Europe while enjoying the benefits of testing our designs in one of the windiest places in the world.

The variety and strength of conditions here influence the local culture, sustain the homegrown surf industry, and demand constant innovation from our designs.

Tarifa is a small town on the edge of a continent where the watersports industry is deeply rooted and provides a robust network of suppliers and manufacturers.

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