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We are proud to be the world's first brand to offer you the opportunity to exchange your foil wings whenever you need, at an affordable price.

The Purpose of the Exchange Program

We take immense pride in crafting our foils right here in Tarifa, Europe's water-sports hub.

‘Made in Tarifa’ means local supply chain, fast prototyping, high quality, and proximity to our athletes. It’s what allows us to offer The Exchange Program.

The program isn't just about offering fantastic upgrades; it's about raising rider awareness and making a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable industry. By promoting local production and recycling, we collectively reduce our carbon footprints. Additionally, it helps us build a closer connection with our riders, enabling us to follow their progress and understand their needs. This allows us to recommend the right Onix wing set tailored to their riding style and level.


‘Made in Tarifa' represents our commitment to excellence. Every Onix wing is meticulously handcrafted in Europe's water-sports hub, ensuring the highest quality standards and an exceptional foiling experience.


Join Onix today and experience the future of foiling with us.

How It Works

When you invest in Onix gear, we provide you with a unique registration code. This code is your ticket to return your wings when you’d like to exchange them for a new model or size. The cost of your new wing is determined by the condition of the one you return, ranging from 50% to 80% of the initial purchase price.

We then recondition the products and resell them on the Refurbished Store.

For existing Onix customers looking to swap their wings, simply visit the web shop, choose your desired front or tail wing, and enter your unique registration code during the checkout process. If you can't find your registration code, drop us a message and we'll help you find it.

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