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Today, we are the first brand in the world to propose you to upgrade your foil wings whenever you need at minimal cost.





We craft our foils in Tarifa, Europe's watersports hub, allowing us to bring back used products for refurbishment. We're pioneering an industry-first: the ability to upgrade your foil wings at minimal cost.


When you purchase your initial wing set from Onix, you're provided with a registration code.

This code lets you return your wings for a new model or size. The cost for a new wing depends

on the condition of the one you return, ranging from 50% to 80% of the initial price.


Our program aims to raise rider awareness and contribute to a more sustainable planet by promoting local production and recycling. It also fosters a closer connection with our riders, enabling us to track your progress and needs, guiding you toward the ideal Onix wing set for your style.


If you're already a member of our Onix Exchange program and wish to swap your wings, visit our online shop, select the new front or tail wing you want, and enter the code provided during your initial purchase when filling out your order information.

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